Rukaiyah Adams shares her TED Talk “Homegirls’ guide to being powerful”

Portland is her hometown. She learned to read at King school. She learned to communicate at Harriet Tubman Middle School. She learned to embrace her shine playing in the Walnut Park neighborhood in Northeast Portland.

“We have to get comfortable with talking about wealth.  We have to get comfortable talking about wealth in a racialized context.”

Rukaiyah Adams is the Chief Investment Officer at Meyer Memorial Trust. Her job is to ensure the long-term strength of the organization. But, Rukaiyah is not a typical investor. She pushes for transformation in finance that will require radical transparency and broader views on cost, risk and return that take into consideration impact on many stakeholders. Before joining Meyer, she ran the $6.5 Billion capital markets fund at The Standard. She is the Vice Chair of the Oregon Investment Council, which oversees approximately $90 Billion for the State of Oregon and PERS. Rukaiyah holds a BA with academic distinction from Carleton College and a Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School, where she served on the Law and Policy Review and as Co-President of the Law Student Association. She has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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