Our site is LIVE!!!!

BlackPDX is now live

BLACKPDX.com is live.

We’ll glad to finally have this up.  Our hope is that the community is able to use, shape, and ultimately benefit from the work we’ve put in.  Go check out our blogthis month’s listings, or add an event of your own.

We have big plans and we’re just getting started. Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to add more sections and content to the site.  But first, we’ve got a list of glitches we’re fixing, but its possible we haven’t found them all.  Please shoot us a message if you find anything that doesn’t work right.  We want to make this experience as beneficial as possible, and site problems are the bane of our existence.

That said, we couldn’t be more proud, as we feel we are putting together something really special, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back soon.


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