Jordan Dinwiddie is the Genius we didn’t know we had… but we’re glad she’s here.

Read PDXMonthly's profile of Dinwiddle in April's edition.

Sneak peek:

Dinwiddie knows about coming out of nowhere. In 2012, she was writing a sharp-witted blog called “Trashy Beyoncé” in her grandma’s Chicago basement. A year later, she was a “strategy intern” at Wieden + Kennedy, where she caught the attention of senior copywriter Nathaniel Friedman. Friedman, a cult sports writer known as freedarko, helped convince her to become a copywriter.  By 2017, Dinwiddie was the unlikely “influencer” on BET’s “25 people killing the shoe game” — an unknown, rising star  copy writer in Portland, Oregon, parked somewhere between Michael Jordan and Rihanna.

You can peep more of her dopeness by checking out The BTWN, or make the smart move to hire her. –> LinkedIn

Jordan Dinwiddie

photo credit: CELESTE NOCHE




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