The Sugar Mama

Sugaring is an ancient form of natural hair removal that is less irritating than waxing. NEVER WAX AGAIN! Come get pampered by THE SUGAR MAMA ! Visit our charming locations on both sides of the river, NW Portland and Montavilla in SE. Make the "conscious" choice to visit a "Green Spa" that also delivers Holistic Facials, Subtle energy work and Organic Skincare. Coming Soon-Lash Extensions! By appointment only. NW: M-W-SU & Every other Saturday SE: Now open 7 days a week!

Sugaring is a safe, natural and effective approach to hair removal. This method is dated back to 1900 b.c. Using only sugar, water and lemon, it forms a paste similar to honey. The sugar is applied at room temperature so no risk of burning the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this is a great alternative because sugar does not adhere to live skin cells so there will be no chance of lifting it. Unlike waxing, the process is to apply the product against the hair growth and remove in the direction, leading to less breakage and irritation. You will NEVER wax again. I use Tamara’s Body Sugaring products.