Miss'ipi Chefs

Miss'ipi Chefs are mobile caterers and personal chefs serving Oregon and Washington. We're here to bring you light & Tasty, or Down Home & Delicious - Home Style food prepared with love.

MISS’IPI CHEF chefs are from a family with a history of southern cooking; they originate from Mississippi. Their mother brought all of her southern traditions with her and instilled those same values with her children at a very young age; from going out in the field picking fresh fruits and vegetables, teaching them how to cook tasty meals to baking homemade desserts. That gives them their traditional authenticity that was handed down from three generations which they made their own. They also provide fresh, local, seasonal sustainable products.

Melinda has pursued a career in professional cooking for over 25 years. Melinda has lived and experienced all aspect of the industry; from hotels, catering, intuitions, family owned, and to a personal chef. She perfected her craft in all types of cuisine when she lived in Seattle, Houston, Mississippi, and Atlanta which has acquired a history of customer satisfaction. Miss’ipi Chefs truly has the passion and the love of cooking that is straight from the heart!