Jelani Greenidge | Media Renaissance Man

Jelanie Greenidge is a dynamic communicator with a drive to inform, inflame, and inspire. He tackles a variety of subjects, but his sweet spot is right at the three-way intersection of nerd culture, hip-hop culture, and evangelical culture.

Jelanie Greenidge is a speaker, stand-up comic, hip-hop producer/emcee, and worship musician with a faith-based outlook and a dry, sarcastic wit.As a speaker, he likes to give talks about leadership, cultural competency, and interpersonal relationships. As a comic, his act is a mix of nerdy minutia, imaginary conversations, pop culture references, and observations based on racial and ethnic dynamics.As a worship musician, he uses Yamaha keyboards (most notably, the Yamaha MOTIF series) to create accompaniment tracks for songs, which he can use exclusively or in tandem with other worship musicians.As an emcee and producer, he’s been making beats for The Iccsters crew since 2000, and has shared stages with various Portland-area hip-hop crews.