Bruce Poinsette Writing Services

Bruce Poinsette is a versatile freelance writer and editor who is proficient in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to journalism, editorials, PR, speechwriting, grant writing, administrative writing, and blog content creation.

Bruce Poinsette is a versatile freelance writer, as well as copy and content editor, with experience in nonprofit, newspaper, magazine, and business writing.

Prior to becoming a full-time contract writer in 2014, Poinsette spent two years as a reporter for The Skanner News Group. Poinsette has authored over 100 articles in five Portland area publications, including The Skanner, The Oregonian, Street Roots, Flossin’ Media, and We Out Here Magazine. Three of his articles and one essay have been used in collegiate curricula at Portland State University and University of Oregon.

As a contract writer, Poinsette has experience in variety of mediums, including but not limited to journalism, editorials, PR, speechwriting, grant writing, administrative writing, and blog content creation. Some of his past and present clients include the Collins Foundation, University of Oregon, Urban League of Portland, Northwest Area Foundation, August Wilson Red Door Project, and the Black Educational Achievement Movement (BEAM). He recently had the honor of being the lead case study writer for the Urban League’s “State of Black Oregon 2015.”

As a copy and content editor, Poinsette has assisted clients with a variety of journalism, PR, editorial, and book projects. These clients include the aforementioned University of Oregon and BEAM, as well as Ainsworth United Church of Christ and independent authors. Books he has provided editing services for include “The Legacy: Looking Back While Moving Forward” by Dr. Fredi Jackson and “The Tao of Pimpin'” by Blue.

As a speaker, Poinsette has made presentations and/or participated in panels at various churches, K-12 schools, and universities. Some of the churches that have invited him to speak on racism include Ainsworth UCC, Lake Oswego UCC, and Bridgeport UCC. In addition, he has made presentations on writing at Jason Lee and Faubion Elementary School. Poinsette has also conducted workshops on the journalistic interview for the University of Oregon’s Fall Press Day.