Black Male Achievement: Portland

Black Male Achievement (BMA) is designed to assist City leaders in their efforts to improve the life outcomes of Black men and boys. BMA will help improve the life outcomes of Black men and boys in four key areas: Education, Employment, Family Stability, and Criminal Justice.

Every Black male will have opportunity and access to health, safety, and success. As a collaborative, the BMA will promote the beliefs and remove barriers that improve access to high quality and equitable employment, education, public safety, and communities. To accomplish this mission, BMA will act as a convener, facilitator, policy guide, and collective voice to obtain data, push for policy change, increase program scale, and exert influence to create awareness and change for the betterment of Black men and boys. Institutionalization of the Work To help ensure that the work is not subject to a particular political individual or philosophy, the BMA will be housed in the Office of Equity and Human Rights.