Bellagios Pizza

Bellagios Pizza providing the very best pizza in the Portland area!

Bellagios Pizza’s core business is to provide the very best customer service and product in the market. We pride ourselves on our consistency and quality. All of our dough and sauce is made fresh every day at our Commissary in Wilsonville, and then distributed daily to each of our restaurants ensuring the best product available. Here at Bellagios Pizza, we just won’t settle for less than the very best! Bellagios Pizza first opened its doors during the summer of 1996 in West Linn, Oregon. The company, founded by Julie Collins and her former business partner, Keith Collins, immediately attracted a loyal following of pizza connoisseurs. The company quickly began to grow and expand within the Portland Metro Area, and the first franchise was sold in 1999. Over the years, Bellagios Pizza has gained a reputation for having the very best pizza in town. There are now 14 locations throughout the Portland Metro Area.