I am an African-American survivalist who is creating an Earthship homestead. I practice outdoor survival activities and prepare for catastrophic disasters.
PREPARE - To store essential items in preparation of unexpected emergencies.

I grew up in Southern Oregon on 26 acres in the early 70’s where we established our homestead.  As I remember it, the land had a one-room shack on it for the 4 of us and our dog.  We were the African-American family that visited and stayed. I was the first African-American student to attend the three community schools (Elementary, Jr. High and High School).  For that reason and because I was a girl, my U.S. Marine father, taught me how to fight and how to use knives to protect myself…

I share this information with hope that it will open eyes as to what is going on in this world. People need to wake up and see what is coming.  This website is created to share information, spread the importance of preparedness and share knowledge on off-grid, urban and wilderness survival.  If you see things as I do but don’t know where to start, please contact me or view the website for more information.  Please subscribe to stay up to date.  Thank you for taking the time to visit. To Prepare = Peace of Mind ~ Find Your Peace!