African American Hunting Association, LLC

The mission of the African American Hunting Association, LLC (AAHA) is to increase the number of African Americans and urban residents living in the United States involved in hunting, game management, shooting sports and conservation.

I ‘m Donny AdaDonny Adairir. I am the founder and President of the African American Hunting Association LLC. I am passionate about outdoor recreation, particularly hunting. I hope that you find something in the pages of this website that will encourage you to join us in one of the most exciting outdoor sports. For those of you who already hunt, maybe you will find some information to enhance your hunting skills, experience and enjoyment.

We are continuing to learn more about the African American hunting community across this great land. We are also sharing our goal to increase the numbers of Black hunters and shooters, as well as encourage urban residents, people of color, particularly youth and women to consider outdoor sports.